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Minimally Invasive Neck Lift Surgery West Palm Beach

Some men might need just the removal of fatty deposits directly beneath the chin with a slight tightening of the skin. Others might require slightly more surgery if there is greater neck skin requiring tightening. Men’s skin is thicker and less elastic than a woman’s, and therefore doesn’t retract as well when fat is removed. Further, a man’s neck muscles have frequently descended into the neck. Removal of the fat without repairing the muscles may leave “turkey gobbler” bands. A neck lift addresses both problems, including fat and muscles, for a clean jaw line and neck. If you have excess fat or skin on your neck, then a neck lift also may be combined with a facelift for an overall improvement to the facial profile.

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Are you interested in having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery in the West Palm Beach area with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Luis A. Viñas, but concerned about the travel? We do not want that to discourage you from experiencing the best in care and surgical expertise.