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Breast Reconstruction West Palm Beach

Whether patients are suffering from breast cancer or exploring a preventative measure, breast reconstruction can be a daunting thought during a difficult time. Until now, it has involved multiple surgeries with substandard results including multiple scars and deformities on the breast. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Luis Viñas, has spent many years developing techniques to bypass this traumatic series of surgeries and has perfected a single-stage immediate reconstruction and in most cases with the choice of a skin and nipple sparing option.

This revolutionary surgery is done in conjunction with your general surgeon during the mastectomy. Everything is done in a single stage. You will wake up with a fully reconstructed breast and no need for tissue expanders. Dr. Viñas uses a product called Surgimend, which acts as a “pocket” for the implant. The collagen product will eventually incorporate with your own tissue and become totally replaced with collagen from your own body. This reconstruction results in the most natural looking breasts, sometimes enhancing and improving how the natural breasts were prior to surgery.

Dr. Viñas has been practicing this technique for over 10 years with great success. With this type of surgery, you will no longer have to fear disfigured breasts after surgery, and in many cases your breasts look better than they did before – with little to no visible scars and a fuller, lifted appearance. Dr. Viñas also uses the Harmonic® Scalpel in most breast reconstructions, resulting in less damage to the tissue, reduced downtime, and an easier recovery. Dr. Viñas also performs reduced-scar breast reductions & lifts, breast augmentation, and immediate single-stage nipple and skin sparing reconstructions.

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Are you interested in having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery in the West Palm Beach area with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Luis A. Viñas, but concerned about the travel? We do not want that to discourage you from experiencing the best in care and surgical expertise.